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Nature Tourism in Cape Verde

Natural treasures of Cape Verde: the most breathtaking islands for nature tourism enthusiasts.

Cape Verde is currently in the first steps of development towards becoming a globally recognized hiking destination.

It has a history of economic success, being an example for other sub-Saharan countries.
The tourism industry is today the largest economic activity in terms of contribution to GDP, as is common in many island countries.

Internal conditions and external factors tell us that Cape Verde can become a world-class hiking destination and a reference in sustainable economic development using adventure travel as a tool.

Island of Santo Antão: demanding mountains and verdant valleys.

The island of Santo Antão is renowned for its rugged terrain and dramatic mountains, which lead visitors through lush valleys and offer breathtaking views of the mountains, rivers, and sea.

Hiking in Ribeira Grande

This deep and spectacular valley boasts some of the best scenery on the island, which can be enjoyed.

Exploring the Mountains

Santo Antão has some of Cabo Verde's highest peaks, including Pico da Cruz. Hiking to their summits offers incredible views.

Visiting Ribeira da Torre

This area is famous for its sugar cane and coffee plantations. A walk along the river to visit waterfalls while learning about local farming traditions is a great idea.


With many endemic species found only in Cabo Verde, Santo Antão is an excellent place to observe birds such as Black-headed Finch.

Beach Visits

The stunning natural beauty of Praia do Norte and Praia da Cruzinha make them perfect spots for a swim in an almost untouched environment.

Whale Watching

The waters surrounding Santo Antão are home to a wide variety of whale and dolphin species that can be observed in their natural habitat during a boat ride.

Island of Fire: a hike through an imposing volcano

The island of Fogo is home to an imposing volcano, and visitors can climb to the top for a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Climbing Pico do Fogo

Pico do Fogo is the highest point on the island and offers one of the best views of Cape Verde. Nature enthusiasts can take a hike that lasts several hours to reach the mountain's summit.

Visiting Natural Park of Fogo

This park is a natural treasure in Cape Verde, with a unique volcanic landscape and a wide variety of endemic flora and fauna species. Visitors can go hiking and observe local wildlife.

Exploring Chã das Caldeiras vineyards

These vineyards grow in volcanic soil and produce unique wines. It's possible to take a tour of the region and taste the local wine.

Bird watching

The island of Fogo is an important nesting site for various species of seabirds, including Cape Verde petrels and Cory's shearwaters. Birds can be observed, with opportunities to learn more about their habits.

Relaxing on black sand beaches

The beaches on Fire Island have black sand due to its volcanic activity. Enjoying sunbathing or swimming in this picturesque setting is an unparalleled experience.

LorIsland of Santiago: a paradise of endemic species

The natural wonders of Cape Verde go beyond its beaches and mountains. The islands also harbor a diversity of flora and fauna, including several endemic species. On the island of Santiago, the Serra Malagueta Natural Park is home to over 100 bird species, including the endangered Cape Verde Warbler.

Hiking in Serra da Malagueta

The mountain range of Serra da Malagueta is an important natural park in Santiago Island, filled with trails and paths that lead to incredible panoramic views of the local landscape.


This island is rich in endemic bird species of Cape Verde, including the Cape Verde Warbler, the Cape Verde Starling, and the Cape Verde Firefinch.

Bike rides

Santiago Island has many quiet secondary roads that are perfect for visitors to explore the island's natural landscapes on two wheels.

Sea turtle watching

Sea turtles nest on the beaches of Santiago during the mating season, providing an opportunity to observe these animals up close and learn more about conservation efforts for these endangered species.

Whale and dolphin watching

The coast of Santiago is an excellent location for observing whales and dolphins during the migration season. Boat tours are available to see these mammals in their natural habitat.

With its stunning beaches, spectacular mountains, and diverse flora and fauna, Cape Verde is a paradise for nature lovers.

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Sun and beach, mountain trails, landscapes of a nature that so easily springs up everywhere and a wealth of customs and traditions that does not translate into any price: Cabo Verde is a paradise that rests by the sea.

With the morabeza of the people and the magic that is only found in Islands of sun and sea, this archipelago is a universe of experiences to discover.

Flavors, smells and colors permeate memories and here you can feel the warm breeze on the skin and the sweetness of life.

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