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Cruise Tourism: Cabo Verde is a privileged destination.

In recent years, cruise tourism has gained prominence in Cape Verde. The future looks even more positive as many cruise companies have already made Cape Verde an integral part of their itineraries, and there is a real investment in physical structures to ensure better boarding and disembarking experiences.

With magnificent beaches, unparalleled natural landscapes in the world, traditional dances and music, rich culture and history filled with diversity, not forgetting the colorful and diverse gastronomy - Cape Verde is truly a dream destination.

The most frequented ports by Cruise ships are located on the islands of São Vicente and Santiago, specifically in the cities of Mindelo and Praia. Porto Grande in São Vicente offers excellent entry conditions for any type of vessel with a 100 square meter covered coastal terminal for greater passenger comfort. In Santiago, Porto da Praia is one of the main ports within Cabo Verde's port system with a passenger terminal stretching over 355 meters long.


A world that falls in love with Africa

With stops in Cape Verde, the majority of cruise ships depart from Europe and America. Lisbon and Santa Cruz de Tenerife are the most common embarkation ports for cruise tourists, largely due to their proximity to Cape Verde and excellent infrastructure for boarding and disembarking passengers.

Typically included on broader routes that also feature destinations such as Gambia or Senegal, Cape Verde offers everything that cruise tourists seek: a welcoming people, good weather year-round, rich history and culture, vibrant traditions, white sandy beaches with blue waters, delicious food options, outdoor activities and water sports

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A destination of excellence, at any time of the year

Cabo Verde is a destination known for its mild climate throughout the year, with temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius all year round.

Although the peak of cruise traffic on the island is between October and April, there are always guaranteed conditions for an unforgettable stopover. With low probability of rain and consistently mild temperatures, Cabo Verde is an excellent destination for outdoor activities such as water sports, beach walks, packed lunches to the sound of funáná and morna music, and typical handicrafts that reveal the identity of its people.

Discover the Cabo Verde soul at every stop

Cabo Verde is a land full of attractions. With stunning landscapes, a culture marked by music, joy and spontaneity, clear water beaches with golden sands, and cuisine rich in flavor and comfort.

Cruise ships arrive in Cabo Verde via Mindelo or Praia city and as a point of passage it's necessary to always have good time management. Upon arrival in Mindelo, it's time to discover the capital of São Vicente Island by strolling through the city while conversing with locals over delicious fish cachupa before ending at the Mindelo Market and discovering the uniqueness of local handicrafts.

If the cruise disembarks in Praia, it's possible to have a first contact with Cabo Verdean soul at Quebra Canela and Tarrafal beaches along with local shops and restaurants where you can savor cachupa, seafood rice dishes, and tropical fruits. For a relaxed night full of fun vibes Creole music fills up the Municipal Market.

Sailing the seas of Africa

There are several cruise companies that include Cape Verde in their itineraries, offering a unique experience that allows you to explore multiple cities comfortably and conveniently. These cruises offer various on-board activities such as shows, theater performances, and movie screenings for a vacation full of experiences and adventure. The length and itinerary of the cruises can vary.

Cruises that pass through Cape Verde stand out particularly for those who embark on world tours or those seeking African pearls. Some of the cruise tourism services offered by companies that pass through Cape Verde include:

  • Costa Cruises
  • MSC Cruises
  • Princess
  • Ambassador Cruise Line
  • Royal Caribbean

Source Volta ao Mundo


Explore Cabo Verde

Sun and beach, mountain trails, landscapes of a nature that so easily springs up everywhere and a wealth of customs and traditions that does not translate into any price: Cabo Verde is a paradise that rests by the sea.

With the morabeza of the people and the magic that is only found in Islands of sun and sea, this archipelago is a universe of experiences to discover.

Flavors, smells and colors permeate memories and here you can feel the warm breeze on the skin and the sweetness of life.

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