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Salt on the skin, sea in the soul

Bem-vindu na praia di Cabo Verde, na bunitu sol di nos ilhas! - Welcome to Cape Verde beaches, under the beautiful sun of our islands!

Not all archipelagos can boast of having inviting beaches, golden sands, gentle seas and fortunate weather. To the pride of its people and enjoyment of both locals and visitors alike, Cape Verde has been blessed by nature with an irresistible and extensive menu of beaches.

Some calmer or more popular than others. Some more accessible or hidden away. Perfect for those who enjoy laying out a towel to relax or made for those who love having their bodies in water and indulging in water sports.

Cape Verde has beaches to suit every taste, with highlights including those on the islands of Sal, Boa Vista, São Vicente, Santiago, Santo Antão and Maio.


Towel and sunscreen ready? It's time to set out to discover the beaches of Cape Verde

What is the climate like?

Hot and dry. In general terms, temperatures range from 22°C to 28°C throughout the year at Cape Verde's beaches but can rise up to 32°C during summer (July-October). The sea temperature follows suit: in these coordinates, the Atlantic never drops below 22°C but may reach as high as 28°C in September - wonderful!

Under the influence of Africa's coastlines, these Atlantic islands present a constant empowered breeze thanks to trade winds that help alleviate heat. On Boavista Island closest to Sahara desert between December-February there is harmattan wind which brings some fine dust known as "dry mist".

Wind influences wave patterns in different ways across various shores though even on wavier ones waves don't usually exceed three meters tall.

There tend only be few days rain per year occurring mainly August-October but it rarely lasts longer than just few hours; true tropical style! So anytime is good time for beach-going in Cape Verde!

What is there to do?

Beach activities vary from island-to-island catering different types of tourists yet each one offers one thing apiece: relaxing on sand while soaking up vitamin D and admiring crystal-clear Atlantic waters.

The wind that blows throughout the year in the archipelago provides ideal conditions for kitesurfing and windsurfing, especially from November to May.

The main schools and equipment rental companies are located on the islands of Sal and Boa Vista.

For surfers, Ponta Preta beach in Sal offers a wave "that runs long and perfectly to the right" according to experts. Further north between Murdeira and Monte Leão there are also good surfing spots. Boca da Lapa on São Vicente Island has become popular among international surfer community too.

In terms of timing, the best season to take your board out to the sea can last from October to April when the energy of the northern Atlantic winds transforms into consistent waves.

Between June-November, magical things happen at Cape Verde's beaches: sea turtles lay their eggs. This miracle of nature can be witnessed with local guides on various islands including Sal, Maio, Boa Vista, and Santo Antão. On São Vicente Island it goes one step further; you can swim with turtles at São Pedro Beach!
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Whale watching boat trips are possible on Boavista island especially March-May but snorkeling or diving is an option throughout all Cape Verdean Islands if you wish to explore marine life within these crystalline waters.

Not to mention sport fishing, whose optimal season depends on the species in question - for blue marlin, for example, the best time to embark on an adventure is from late March to the end of June.

For more adventurous spirits fun buggy/moto 4x4 rides through dunes promise thrills galore! The vast sands of Boa Vista are perfect for this purpose highlighted by Chaves Beach Santa Mónica Beach & Varandinha which features caves near waterline as well.

Tasting local cuisine while facing ocean is yet another attraction of many Cape Verdean beaches - Praia da Calheta on Maio Island's west coast being one such picturesque place where both sea spray meets population pulse simultaneously

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What facilities should be expected?

Cape Verde only gained political independence in 1975 so it remains a young country forging its path towards sustainable development. Infrastructure presence - hotels, health services etc., along with access points to beaches differ from island-to-island based on demand needs over time.

Thus, Sal, Boavista, Santiago and São Vicente islands are most recommended for family holidays with small children as they have more beaches directly accessible from urban centers along with additional support services like restaurants and shops. There are many accommodation options on these islands including all-inclusive resorts catering to travelers of all ages.

Those with more adventurous spirits will be well served no matter their destination; every Cape Verde coastline has paradisiacal deserted beaches awaiting discovery after an exciting jeep ride or refreshing hike. Santo Antão Island is particularly charismatic and exclusive accessed only by boat from São Vicente island!

"Nôs ta spera bo na areias douradas di Cabo Verde, undi sol ta brilha sempre!" - We await you on the golden sands of Cape Verde, where the sun always shines!

Towel and sunscreen ready? It's time to set out to discover the beaches of Cape Verde

The beaches of Boa Vista Island

Bem-vindu na praia di Boa Vista, undi areia branquinha i mar turkesa ta convidabu pa relaxa i mergulha na beleza di nôs ilha! - Welcome to the beaches of Boa Vista, where white sand and turquoise sea invite you to relax and dive into the beauty of our island!

With 55 km of beaches, Boa Vista takes the top spot in Cape Verde's beach championship with an impressive list that includes both quantity and quality. While this paradise has been attracting tourists in recent years, the island still offers endless stretches of peaceful sands and unspoiled natural surroundings. Some of the most popular beaches are:

  • Praia das Gatas
  • Praia de Abrolhal
  • Praia de Atalanta
  • Praia da Braca
  • Praia Agostinho
  • Praia da Calheta
  • Praia da Lancha
  • Praia de Carvão
  • Praia de Cama
  • Praia de Bracone
  • Praia de Copinha
  • Praia de Sobrado
  • Praia de Atalanta
  • Praia de David
  • Praia de Cruz
  • Praia de Cabral
  • Praia do Marmeleiro
  • Praia de Diante
  • Praia do Estoril
  • Praia Carlota
  • Praia de Chaves
  • Morro de Areia
  • Praia da Varandinha
  • Praia da Farrapa
  • Praia do Curralinho
  • Praia de Santa Mónica
  • Praia Calheta Formosa
  • Lacacão
  • Praia Cruzinha Brito
  • Praia de Carqueijinha
  • Praia de Curral Mateus
  • Praia de Curral Velho
  • Praia de Medronho
  • Ervatão
  • Praia de João Barrosa
  • Praiona
  • Praia de Carreto
  • Praia Mosquito
The beaches of Boa Vista Island

The beaches of the island of Maio are a true paradise.

Bem-vindu na praia di Maio, undi tranquilidade ta domina, águas cristalinas ta convidabu pa banha i serenidade di nos ilha ta envolvubu! - Welcome to the beaches of Maio, where tranquility reigns, crystal-clear waters invite you to swim, and the serenity of our island surrounds you!

This small island, which is only 40 km away from Santiago Island, has been recognized as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve since 2020. This title already hints at the quality of its beaches - with varied appearances but always with untouched natural beauty, transparent waters and a peaceful atmosphere.

  • Lagoa Beach
  • Maio Beach
  • Bitche Rotcha Beach
  • Morro Beach
  • Praiona
  • Santana Beach
  • Soca Beach
  • Vila Beach
  • Galeão Beach
  • Pau Seco beach
  • Ponta Preta beach
  • Royal beach
  • Dunas beach
  • Barreiro beach
  • São João River Estuary beach
  • Calheta beach.
The beaches of the island of Maio are a true paradise.

The beaches of Ilha do Sal

Bem-vindu na praia di Sal, undi sol brilha ku força i areia fininha ta convidabu pa banha i desfruta di momentos inesquecíveis! - Welcome to the beaches of Sal, where the sun shines brightly and fine sand invites you to bathe and enjoy unforgettable moments!

Salt is the most sought-after island in Cape Verde for vacations, and its popularity has gradually led to more hotel infrastructure and support services settling here. It's also the island with the youngest population in the archipelago, which helps drive the local economy based on its greatest treasure: beaches.

  • Santa Maria Beach
  • Ponta Preta Beach
  • Porto Antigo
  • António Manuel Sousa Beach
  • Água Doce Beach
  • Canoa Beach
  • Murdeira Beach
  • Cascalho Beach
  • Monte Grande beach
  • Pedra do Lume beach.
The beaches of Ilha do Sal

The beaches of Santiago Island

Na praia di Santiago, un mix di paisagens impresionanti, mar revigorante i areia dourada, ta espera pa abraçabu ku morabeza! - On the beaches of Santiago, a mix of impressive landscapes, invigorating sea, and golden sand awaits to embrace you with morabeza!

Santiago is the largest island in Cape Verde and, despite being known as the political and economic center of the country, boasts beautiful beaches among its attractions. In fact, Praia is the name of its capital city. Perhaps this is the great attribute of Santiago's beaches: allowing visitors to combine moments of relaxation on the sand and dips in warm waters with the rich identity of the archipelago.

Here are some highlights:

  • Tarrafal
  • President Beach
  • Atum Point
  • Prainha Beach
  • Quebra Canela Beach
  • Gamboa Beach
  • Praia Baixo Beaches
  • Mangue Beach
  • Porto Fundo Beach
  • Charco beach
  • Areia Grande beach
  • Coconut tree beach
  • Portinho beach
  • Angra Bay
  • Rincão port
  • San Francisco beach
  • Fazenda beach
  • Chão Bom beach
  • Ribeira Prata Beach
The beaches of Santiago Island

The beaches of Santo Antão Island

Bem-vindu na praia di Santo Antão, undi montanhas ku verdura exuberante ta kai na mar azul, criandu paisagens ki ta tirabu fôlegu! - Welcome to the beaches of Santo Antão, where lush green mountains meet the blue sea, creating breathtaking landscapes that will leave you in awe!

The beaches of Santo Antão are the least known in the Cape Verdean archipelago. However, they have a unique natural setting: the mountains and the frequent patches of vegetation that contrast with the arid and flat scenery of other more popular islands. Here, the volcanic origin is evident in the dark sands, giving the beaches a distinct charm.

  • Praia d'Aranhas
  • Esboradeiro Beach
  • Curraletes Beach
  • Lisboa Beach
  • Tarrafal de Monte Trigo Beach
  • Toninha Beach
  • Campanário Beach
  • Formosa Beach
The beaches of Santo Antão Island

The beaches of the island of São Vicente

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fermentum massa feugiat nunc, hendrerit tortor netus et. Diam mollis et vestibulum molestie id. Donec fermentum lacus in adipiscing. Iaculis sed interdum libero dui ut. In bibendum nullam tristique eros.Bem-vindu na praia di São Vicente, undi ondas grandi ta atrevibu pa surf i paisagens ku morna di nôs gentis ta encanta bu alma! - Welcome to the beaches of São Vicente, where big waves challenge you to surf and landscapes with the soulful music of our people enchant your soul!

Considered the most musical island in the archipelago - and not just because its capital, Mindelo, is the hometown of Cesária Évora - São Vicente also attracts visitors with its beaches. Baía das Gatas is one of the most well-known, thanks to the music festival that takes place there every year on the first weekend of the full moon in August. Many of the beaches in São Vicente face colorful fishing villages, which gives them a unique charm.

  • Baía das Gatas
  • Boca da Lapa
  • Flamengos Beach
  • Praia Grande
  • Calhau Beach
  • Praia Calheta Grande
  • Cilada do Calhau Beach
  • Laginha Beach
  • Palha Carga Beach
  • Praia Grande
  • Northern Beaches
  • Salamansa Beach
  • Topim Beach
  • São Pedro Beach
The beaches of the island of São Vicente

Explore Cabo Verde

Sun and beach, mountain trails, landscapes of a nature that so easily springs up everywhere and a wealth of customs and traditions that does not translate into any price: Cabo Verde is a paradise that rests by the sea.

With the morabeza of the people and the magic that is only found in Islands of sun and sea, this archipelago is a universe of experiences to discover.

Flavors, smells and colors permeate memories and here you can feel the warm breeze on the skin and the sweetness of life.

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