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Welcome to Cabo Verde!

Pequenos barcos no mar em Cabo Vede

Looking for the perfect place for the next 6 months of your life, working on your remote projects? You’ve just found it: Cabo Verde! The archipelago of ten islands lies in the Atlantic Ocean and has everything you can wish for – the perfect amount of sunshine and some serious Wi-Fi coverage so you can get your work done while enjoying the natural beauty of the country.

The Cabo Verde Remote Working Program consists of a temporary work/tourism visa lasting 6 months, with the opportunity of renewal for another 6 months after. This program is meant for people who are self-employed and who are able to work remotely, using the Internet and other electronic and communication tools that don’t require a fixed office. You can come alone or bring your family: everyone is welcome at Cabo Verde.

Why Cabo verde

Cabo Verde has everything you can dream of: good weather, beautiful places to see, a vibrant culture to discover and a wide coverage of Wi-Fi so you can get your work done from pretty much everywhere in the country. Go on and google “Cesária Évora” right this moment – can you already feel the vibe? Now picture the sun setting over the sea… ah, how perfect.

If you are self-employed or a digital nomad looking forward to collecting new experiences and get inspired by the endless adventures all around the world, Cabo Verde offers you an undeniable mixture of places, faces and tastes that will add up to your professional career and to your life.

Cábu berdi é sábi – Cabo Verde is good.

Palmeiras em praia de Cabo Verde


One of the best things about Cabo Verde is its warm weather. Enjoy endless hours of sunlight, the peaceful sound of the waves all around and the birds’ singing, while you stroll around the city with safety and get involved with the unique local dialect and music.

As a perfect place to take as your home office, Cabo Verde offers a “slow down” lifestyle. During your off-hours you can enjoy a long list of unique activities such as hiking, kitesurfing, diving, and a diverse range of cultural events. And the food? Tastes amazing!

Homem de Cabo Verde com chapéu de palha e camisa branca

Peace and Tranquility

Cabo Verde became independent from Portugal in 1975 and since then has been growing on its own terms. Considered pretty stable and safe, Cabo Verde it’s one of the few countries that developed quickly, despite the geographical challenges and lack of natural resources.

Staying in the islands for an extended period of time has been one of the most effective strategies for the country’s development, supporting tourism and the community – so here’s your chance to take part on this on-going process of growth and prosperity.

Um ipad, iphone e airpods em cima de uma mesa


The country’s mobile network coverage it’s really impressive: even in the seemingly remotest areas, it’s possible to do work from. If you absolutely need a reliable and fast Internet connection, consider that one of the country’s redeeming factors is precisely its mobile network coverage.

Stay connected at all times and take advantage of the modern telecommunications infrastructure of Cabo Verde. Here you can work on your projects with all the Internet you need, at a very competitive price.

Mulher cabo verdiana com bebé ao colo


Most local communities are rather small and it’s usual to greet one another on the streets. Music and dance are a big part of the culture and a way of locals to express themselves. Go on and google “Cesária Évora” right now – can you already feel the vibe?

Cabo Verdeans speak a creole language based on Portuguese, known as Kriol. Locals are happy to teach you a few words or phrases as they are pretty proud of their language. Expect to be welcomed to this beautiful country with morabeza, which means receiving someone well, in the right way – Cabo Verde way.

Braço com relógio a escrever no computador

Time Zone

Cabo Verde is located north of the equator and west of Senegal in West Africa. With 7 working airports, of which 4 operate international flights, the country is an important transition point on the map and provides you connections everywhere.

Other than that, in Cabo Verde you can benefit from the fact that the time zone is near target markets. This is ideal for your business meetings and to keep your schedule organized. This way you’ll always be in the right place, at the right time – just as it should be.

Palmeiras em praia de Cabo Verde

Stay Active

Did you know that Cabo Verde has the best conditions in the world for kite surf and it’s the home of the world champion of this sport?
Besides kitesurfing Cabo Verde has world class diving, surf, beach sports, hiking and outdoor gyms.
You will stay in shape here.

Mulher de Cabo Verde com lenço na cabeça


Cabo Verde has a unique culture with music and art flowing everywhere. Live concerts, art expositions, events, Carnival… You will never get bored.

Jovens com as ilhas cabo verdianas de fundo


Community is really important that’s why we created hubs where you will meet other nomads and remote workers, with a community manager, daily events and make sure you will integrate well in Cabo Verde.
We also have an internal online community where you can connect with everyone else in the program.

Work from Cabo verde

Craving for the warm weather, the bright sun and the amazing natural beauty of Cabo Verde to set as the perfect background for your remote work? You are invited to get close to the vibrant culture and discover all the unforgettable places the country has to offer. The bonus part? Remote workers in Cabo Verde are exempt from income tax.
This is your chance to apply for a unique experience lasting 6 months, getting to know just how perfect Cabo Verde is.

pessoa a escrever no computador


The modern telecommunications infrastructure and the high-quality and high-speed Internet, with a wide coverage all over the country, assure the ideal conditions to get your work done remotely. Enjoy the mobile network coverage all over Cabo Verde and the broadband Internet connection at a competitive price.

quarto de hotel


You can easily find local accommodation at Cabo Verde and most locals are happy to give you tips and help you organize trips around the islands. It is possible to find numerous accommodation options, according to your budget. We’ll be happy to guide through this process and present you with some options to choose from.

jovem sentado a utilizar um computador portátil

Co-Working and Co-Living

You will find co-working and co-living spaces to interact with other people who have chosen the "the world is my office" lifestyle. Enjoy these meeting spaces and get to know other professionals. This is a great way to work on your networking skills.

mulher com macbook

Digital Nomads Communities

There are plenty of communities of digital nomads just like you. Take this chance to travel, learn about other cultures, breath the fresh air of a new place and learn from the digital nomad communities that are growing fast in the country. Stay close to the locals and meet other professionals working remotely from Cabo Verde.

Get My Visa

Visit Cabo Verde

To get the best from this remote working experience you’ll need to apply for a 6 months temporary visa. Once your request gets accepted, you’ll receive a permit entry to the country.

At arrival, you are required to submit to the border authorities, a set of documents in order to receive the stamp.

Make sure your passport is valid for 6 months(minimum) and you have all the documentation required
Please consider that depending on how long you want to stay in Cabo Verde, you might need to extend your Visa on the ground. If you’re having any trouble regarding this topic, please let us know.


In Cabo Verde you can enjoy endless hours of sunlight, sightseeings of natural beauty like no other, and so many other perks that only islands surrounded by the enormous sea have to offer.
All of this as the perfect background for your remote working tasks.

So, what will you need to get on board on the Cabo Verde Remote Working Program?
Please note the following requirements:


Please consider the following costs to apply for the Remote Working Program:

pessoa sentada a segurar o passaporte

Visa fee

Amount due through renovation.
List of required documents available here.

aeroporto de cabo verde

Airport fee

This fee applies only once and upon arrival.
Travellers pre-registration available here.



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